Now is the best time to be healed.
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Dear Reader ... Aphorisms, adages, maxims, and proverbs are sayings which express a truth, principle, observation, experience, healing idea, or useful concept. They are thought-provoking inspirational quotes and inspirational words that provide wisdom, motivation, healing insights, or guidance in brief form.

Over the years I have come across and collected many aphorisms and inspirational words which I would like to share with you. It seemed I came across these sayings just when I needed them most. They inspired me, motivated me, and helped me through life in different ways.

I used to copy them down on bits and scraps of paper. Sometimes I typed them up and pasted them in borders so they would look pretty as I referred to them. I had them scattered all over
on my desk, taped to my calendars, tacked on my walls, and some I carried with me. Always they were a help to me, a guide, an inspiration, motivational, something to help me think more clearly.

I don't now know the sources of most of these sayings, and I have no idea who the originators are. It is not my intent to take credit for these treasures of wisdom. I only want to share part of my collection with you in the hopes they will help and inspire you at different times in different ways as they helped me.

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Peace, love, and caring,
Grace Michael
Spiritual Healer and Metaphysician

Today I am energized and alive with my every step.

I am full of smiles as I feel the energy of God flowing through me.

I attract people and events that have uplifting attitudes.

I creatively interact with those whom I meet.

I am thankful that today is mine to do with as I choose.

I think I will make my today the best ever.

And, you can do this too, with your day.

Grace Michael