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Always remember, there is a curve, fork, or turn in the road somewhere ahead that gives us another chance.


In the hills of life there are two trails. One lies along the higher sunlit fields where those who journey see afar, and the light lingers even when the sun is down; and one leads to the lower ground, where those who travel, as they go, look always over their shoulders with eyes of dread, and gloomy shadows gather long before the days is done. (Shepherd of the Hills)


If you are not sure which way to move, it is better to shut your eyes and move in the dark than to remain still and make no move at all.


We often hurt those closest to us.

Many times it is only because we are angry at ourselves,

And we scream in furor at someone who understands.

"I'm sorry ... I didn't mean to hurt you."


The hammer shatters glass ...

But forges steel.


Often failure is only success trying to be born in a bigger way.


Hate is like acid.

It destroys the vessel it is stored in ...


If a man does not keep pace with his companions,

Perhaps he hears the music of a different drummer.


A mind stretched by a new idea

Never returns to its former dimension.


Perfection is a goal

Which man is only allowed to pursue,

But never attain ...


Perplexity is the beginning of knowledge ...


Lovers embrace that which is between them,

Not each other ...

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Life is short and there is not much time

To gladden the hearts of others.

Oh, be swift to love,

Make haste to be kind.


After each storm there is the promise of a rainbow.


The creation of a thousand forests is in one acorn.

The miracle of a seed is that it multiplies. The pattern of the tree is within the acorn, but stop and think how many trees can evolve from the planting of one little acorn ... And, so it is with our ideas which are another form of seeds ...
     (Grace Michael, Aug. 11, 1978)


Chance favors the prepared mind.


Worry does not empty tomorrow of its trouble ...

But it does empty today of its strength.


Strangers are friends who haven't met.


We cannot tell the precise moment

When a vessel is full.

Add to it, drop by drop

There is at last a drop

Which makes it run over ...

So in a series of kindnesses,

There is at least one

Which makes the iciest heart melt

And its vessel runs over.


You may forget the one with whom you have laughed ...

But never the one with whom you have wept.


You cannot prevent the birds of sorrow

From flying over your head.

But you can prevent them

From building nests in your hair ...


It is indeed misery if I stretch an empty hand and receive nothing.

But it is hopelessness if I stretch a full hand and find none to receive.