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This book helps you take charge of your life as it teaches you how to use simple yet powerful healing techniques that will help you kick-start your own self-healing processes.

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What the Book Contains

• 350 pages filled with healing information.
• A working knowledge of the Science of Healing (explains the scientific aspects of using affirmations to self-heal).
• The secrets of healing revealed (what to do, when, and how, step by step).
• Over 500 affirmations and healing words which you can use to help heal yourself.
• Picture affirmations, quotes, sayings - excellent healing tools to help speed up the healing process.
• Cyclonic Healing Energy explained - with pictures and diagrams. Cyclonic energy is a very powerful and effective healing tool.
• Vortex Healing Energy explained - with picture. This is another very powerful healing tool which you can use to help clear pain, suffering, symptoms, and illnesses.
• 8 Newly Developed Advanced Healing Techniques - Impact Affirmations, Flash Affirmations, Intense Affirmations, and five more.
• Visualizations explained. Includes examples of Actual Visualizations and examples of Metaphoric Visualizations (Metaphoric Visualizations are extremely effective at healing and at reducing pain).  
• Worksheets you can copy print* (using your scanner/printer). Use them to guide you through using 17 different affirmation techniques.
• Comprehensive appendices and cross referencing to help you find things fast.
• All this and much much more .......
* You may copy/print as many worksheets as you may need at any time, however, under copyright law, you are limited to printing these for your personal use only. They may not be mass-produced or produced  for others, or for resale.  

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