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Affirmation Healing Testimonials

Listed below are just a few of the many healings realized by using the new, unique affirmation techniques found in my book, Affirmation Healing.  These techniques were given to me over a period of time by a Higher Power. As I received them and worked on the book, I tested the techniques and found them to be very effective healing tools.

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Affirmation Testimonials tell about healings that were realized as a result of using the affirmation techniques described in Affirmation Healing.

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Affirmation Healing TestimonialsSpiritual Healing Testimonials

As long as there is a breath of life in your body, healing is always possible.
Over the years, as I practiced spiritual healing, I learned that some techniques worked better than others for different types of healings. Because of this, I worked to develop specific healing techniques that could be used in specific instances to faster promote and realize healing.
It was through my practice, coupled with Divine Guidance, that I was able to develop the healing techniques described
in this book.
I tested the techniques time and time again, first on myself, then on others with their permission, and then on pets, to make sure that the techniques worked, and they did.
The testimonials on this page are just a few of the many healings I realized by using the techniques described in this book.
May you realize healing, health, and happiness.
Much spiritual love and caring,
   Grace Michael
   Spiritual Healer and




How I tested Impact Affirmations to heal myself of the flu in less than 24 hours ...  (by Grace)
I knew I was coming down with the flu ... or maybe even something worse. I began to ache all over, and run a temperature. My throat hurt, my nose was congested, and I was extremely tired. As the day wore on, my symptoms worsened until I became so tired and achy I had to go to bed. I took the usual things for flu symptoms, antihistamine, aspirin, nasal spray ... but I wasn’t feeling much better, and none of the over-the-counter medications seemed to be helping.
I began to worry about how sick I might become and all the things I had to do that weren’t getting done. I suddenly realized that I was dwelling on my suffering rather than working to heal myself. So, with constant, deliberate thinking, I turned my mind from worrying about how sick I was becoming and might become to thoughts of healing and health.
Since I was writing my book, Affirmation Healing, I thought this would be a good time for me to test out one of the new affirmation techniques on myself. Since I am rarely sick, I don’t often have the opportunity to test things out on myself.
I am a firm believer in using both spiritual healing and medical healing (more info 1, more info 2). I didn’t feel I was really sick enough to see the doctor, yet I didn’t want to become that sick ... though it seemed I was well on the way. I would see if I could “nip this in the bud” so to speak using affirmations to help heal myself, telling myself that if in the next few hours I wasn’t feeling better, I’d call for a doctor’s appointment. Meanwhile, I concentrated on my Impact Affirmations according to the instructions in the Affirmation Healing book.
Even though I was writing the book and it was in progress, I liked to refer to it every chance I could so I could specifically follow the step-by-step, how-to instructions in the book, to ensure that I didn’t leave out any steps for my readers.
So I went to my computer and did a quick search for Appendix B which contains a brief rundown of the different affirmation techniques, and read through it.  

Other reported healings:

Intense Affirmations – used to heal chronic rectal bleeding.

Progressive Affirmations with Metaphoric Visualizations – used to heal chronic Migraine Headaches.

• Affirmations of Denial coupled with Flash Affirmations – used to heal arthritis in the knee. At one point the doctor said knee replacement would most likely be needed in the future as degenerative arthritis like this doesn’t usually just “go away.” With on-going affirmation work, the knee became completely healed and to date has remained healed.

• Flash Affirmations and Rosary Affirmations – used to heal incontinence in a beloved pet.

• Intense Affirmations used successfully to help lose 35 pounds and for on-going weight control.

• Flash Affirmations – used additionally in all of the above instances.

NOTE: In all of the above instances, the individuals were advised to continue with their medical treatment while doing affirmation work.  

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1) Impact Affirmations used to help heal the flu in less than 24 hours (info).

2) Unceasing Affirmations were used in conjunction with medical aid to help heal a life-.

Unceasing Affirmations Used  in the Emergency Room at the Hospital to help heal a life-threatening heart attack ... (A reported healing)
I was taken to the emergency room of our local hospital with symptoms of severe chest pain, inability to breathe, pains radiating through my chest and down my left arm. It was thought that I was having a heart attack. Hospital emergency personnel did their work quickly and adeptly, working to save my life. They gave me medications, oxygen, and had me hooked up to all types of machinery to monitor my progress and to help save my life. I wasn’t fully aware of all that was going on. As I faded in and out of consciousness. I feared that I was dying or would soon die.  
I was filled with sadness at the thought that perhaps my life would soon be over. During my conscious moments, I blessed the people at the hospital who were working so hard to save my life, and I thanked God that they were there trying to save my life. I also asked God to let it be that I live.
Because I turn to God whenever something goes wrong in my life, I did so now, once again, during this crucial time. I focused the best I could on God, on health and healing, and prayed unceasingly for health, using Unceasing Affirmations according to the directions in a book (Affirmation Healing) that I had just finished reading.
As I prayed, I could feel the healing energy building up and surrounding me just as the author of Affirmation Healing said that it would. She said that unceasing affirmations pack a wallop of healing energy and this was what I needed. I refused to concentrate on the frightening things happening within my body but rather I continually directed my thoughts as much as possible towards healing, my healing, using the Unceasing Affirmation techniques the best that I could in an attempt to heal myself and aid the medical personal in helping me pull through this life-threatening situation.
In the hours that followed, as I continued with my unceasing affirmations, I began to feel better, and at one point, I felt an inner and strong feeling of reassurance encompass me, telling me that I would be all right. Since God talks to us through our thoughts and feelings, I felt, hoped, wanted this to be God telling me that everything would be all right ... and it was. How do I know??? Because I did get well, and am able to write this testimonial. I feel that I became healed as a combined effort of the medical profession and the healing energy I created through the use of Unceasing Affirmations during this life-threatening incident. I believe there is a great power in prayer, and when combined with the help of the medical profession, healing can, and often does, become a reality. (Back to top.)
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I decided to use Impact Affirmations since they were simple 1 and 2 word affirmations, and I felt that was about all I felt I could handle, I was feeling so miserable.
As I lay in my bed, instead of worrying about how sick I appeared to be getting and how rotten I was feeling, I consciously and deliberately turned my thoughts to health.
I decided to use a one-word affirmation, “health.” I repeated this word over and over ... health, health, health ... until it became a chant that almost seemed to say itself. And, all the while I held a steady picture of myself being in perfect health ... free of the flu and free of all that I was suffering.
I found it hard to direct my thoughts to healing and health instead of reviewing my symptoms and wondering how bad they would become.
I continued chanting and directing my thoughts to a picture of myself being healthy until I fell asleep. When I woke up it was evening, and I felt a little better, so I decided to continue with my Impact Affirmations again this evening, and during the night if I woke up, and see if I really could heal myself of the flu. I had also decided at the same time that if I wasn’t substantially better by morning, I would see my doctor.
I repeated the affirmation process several times between periods of wakefulness and sleeping, and each time I woke up, I felt better even though I had stopped taking the over-the-counter cold-flu medications after my first round of Impact Affirmations since I had begun to feel better after I said the affirmations.  
Within a day, all of my flu symptoms had disappeared. I have never experienced getting over the flu or a cold so rapidly (in just a day) without symptoms dragging on for at least several days.
Impact Affirmations definitely work ... at least they did for me as far as my quickly getting rid of the flu was concerned! And over a period of time, I found that they were effective in helping to heal many other different conditions too. for myself and others. (Back to top.)
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threatening heart attack (info).

3) Other reported healings (info).