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Results / Expectations
Healing Treatments bring peace, comfort, and help in times
of need.
You have to expect healing if you want to be healed. You can’t just hope for a healing as hope leaves room for doubt, but expecting leaves no room for doubt.

While expecting healing does not guarantee healing, it certainly increases your chances for healing and the best possible result.

Both expecting and doubt create energy which in turn creates conditions and situations that correspond to thoughts, feelings, words, or actions. Here’s how it works:

• If you have expectations of healing, you create energy that works hard to bring about healing.

• If you have doubts about becoming healed, you create energy that works hard to make your doubts a reality, and this greatly deters healing.
What to expect and what kind of results you can get from spiritual healing treatments, energy healing treatments, mental healing treat­ments, prayers, and other types of spiritual healing work that you do for yourself or receive from others
It is not God’s will that you or anyone
else be sick and suffer.

• If you fear illness, the energy that is created by your fears in turn works to create illness.

• If you fear that healing won’t come, the energy that you create with that fear works to make your fear a reality, and healing won’t come.

• If you think, “I’ll never get well, all I’ve known (all my life) (for a long time) is sickness, pain, suffering, lack, unhappiness, bad relationships, etc.” The energy of thoughts and feelings like these immediately go to work to create a reality according to your thoughts.

So, it is necessary for you to expect healing if you want to be healed. And, if you can’t expect healing, then you can practice expecting ... it works almost as well.

When you expect healing, the energy of your expectations works hard to bring healing to you. Again, it doesn’t guarantee healing, but having this energy working for you certainly helps to tip the scales in your favor to help bring about healing and improvements.

I have learned over the years that while healing can be spontaneous (immediate, happening all at once), usually it is evolutionary (the condition improves at varying rates of speed over a period of time). The energy created from expecting works with other factors to help bring about healing. Things begin to move in a new direction, a direction of healing. So expecting is a crucial element to bringing about a healing.

While expectations create energies that work to bring about healing, at the same time, there are external influences and energies that work to deter, diminish, prevent, or nullify healing. Here are some examples:

• Negative thoughts and feelings of the person desiring healing.
• Race Consciousness.
• A medical diagnosis stating that a condition is terminal, incurable, and/or will be debilitating and will worsen with time.
• A belief in and/or fear of getting or having a terminal, incurable, and/or debilitating illness.  
• Conflicts with religious tenets and teachings (example - suffering: Is it a privilege or blessing to be able to suffer for God -or- is suffering a punishment from God?).
• Cultural practices and traditions.
• Other influences and factors that can work/may work to negate and nullify healing energies.

When seeking spiritual-energy healing, it is important to also realize that:

• Spiritual-energy healing treatments usually are not an immediate, magical, cure-all for all of life’s problems. Spontaneous healings do occur at times, but as a rule, healings evolve rather than occurring spontaneously. When spiritual healing treatments are used as a healing tool, because of their great power, they can and do help to bring about a healing.  
• If core problems are not explored and brought into alignment with the desired greater good (the healing), the unwanted condition will not heal permanently. Change and/or improvements in the condition may be realized on a temporary basis and if so, the unwanted condition will return.
• Although spiritual-energy treatments are very powerful, their effectiveness can be diminished or nullified by external influences and energies in the same way that expectations of healing can help bring about a healing.
Medical treatment should never be neglected nor abandoned for spiritual healing treatments. God has created many modalities for healing ... medical healing, spiritual healing, and other alternatives. Which is best? It varies from individual to individual, and at times one modality may be better than another. However, each can be beneficial to all individuals at different times.

It is my experience that spiritual healing treatments, combined with the daily use of other spiritual healing techniques AND medical care, help un-healable conditions to become healed. As time passes, with the help of the spiritual healing treatments,  less and less medical treatments (as determined by your doctor) and other alternative treat­ments are needed as health and healing increase. But this a gradual process and usually is not an immediate magical transition.
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