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Progressive Affirmations
     Below is an excerpt from the Progressive Affirmations introduction that explains what Progressive Affirmations are, what they do, and how they may be used. It precedes the “How-To,” step-by-step instructions that tell how to create and use Progressive Affirmations. The Progressive Affirmation chapter has examples of both progressive affirmations and progressive visualizations.  

     Note the cross referencing below ... (page 86) and (page 61).

     Cross referencing appears frequently throughout the book (in addition to the index at the back of the book) to help you find things if you need clarification or a reminder. To view part of the book’s index, click here. The excerpt is below:


Progressive affirmations are positive healing statements declaring that heal­ing is in progress. They are accompanied by a progressive visualization (page 96) that guides the mind and body mentally, spiritually, and physically in a series of steps from illness to complete healing ... first in mind and spirit, and then into physical manifestation.

Progressive affirmations create continuous healing energy that is cumu­lative and fortifying. Their energy first targets the affliction … then spreads outward to heal known or unknown underlying or contributing causes.

     Progressive affirmations with progressive visualizations may be used for any and every type of healing, but are especially effective in healing long-stand­ing conditions and/or those diagnosed by the medical profession as “incurable” or terminal since they continually move you from an unhealthy condition toward healing.

     They are also very effective in helping individuals overcome affirma­tion problems (page 69) since they lead the mind gradually from where you are now in consciousness to a consciousness of healing. Their progression moves you forward from a condition that appears impossible to heal to a new state of being … that of being completely healed.