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Methods I Use For Healing
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Healing Treatments bring peace, comfort, and help in times
of need.
There are many spiritual healing methods that can be used to heal. I use whichever is indicated based on the need of the client and the type of condition that needs healing. Some methods prove to be more effective in some areas than others. In stubborn cases, if one method doesn’t appear to be working then I move on to another.

I do not limit spiritual work to one method per case. I use combinations of methods which include but are not necessarily limited to:
• Spiritual Healing
• Energy Healing
• Mental Healing  
• God Healing (prayer)
Spiritual Mind Healing Treatments (Religious Science 7-Step Method)  
Affirmations to change consciousness and surrounding energy
Spiritual energy transfusions  
Spiritual energy infusions  
Spiritual laser beams to pinpoint and help heal needed areas
• Energy according to the tenets of quantum physics as explained in some of Einstein's theories
• Declarations of Truth - Truth with a capital T  
Faith Healing  
Distance Healing  
Teachings, principles, doctrines, and tenets of:  
        - Spiritual Law
        - Metaphysics
        - Christian Science
        - Unity
• A combination of techniques acquired through the Catholic Faith
Healing methods as described in the Bible and taught by Jesus  
Christian prayers  
Visualizations - metaphorical
• Visualizations - actual
Working with race conscious  
Laws of Attraction  
Laws of Abundance  
Thinking – God creates according to our thoughts. That is God's job or property, to create according to thought. Gravity pulls us down. Fire is hot and burns. God creates according to thought. Correct thinking and correct thought help to bring desired outcomes.
• Certain spiritual abilities which I have (insight, altered states of consciousness, connect spiritually with clients if needed for purposes of strengthening, protection, etc., and at times (rarely, only when absolutely needed) use time/space/ dimensional travel).