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Editing, Proofreading, Writing, and Rewriting Services
  1. Copy Editing/Proofreading: Check spelling, punctuation, grammar, correct word usage, clarity, concept (is material relevant to the topic?), and consistency (is material logical and orderly?). It does not include correcting sentence structure or rewriting sentences or paragraphs. It does include advising you as to what rewriting may be needed, where and why, thereby giving you the option to do the rewriting yourself, or having me do it for you at an additional charge.
  2. Developmental (Structural) Editing: Includes all of the features of Copy Editing/Proofreading above plus correcting sentence structure, format, and style. Poorly written, incomplete, or confusing sentences will be rewritten transforming your material into a professionally written document. Major portions (chapters or sections) that might need rewriting are not automatically rewritten. Instead you will be advised that this needs to be done and why, giving you the option of doing the rewriting yourself or having me do it for you at an additional cost.
  3. Writing and Rewriting services are available as adjuncts to editorial services.
  4. Rationale: All editing work is completed according to the English and grammar rules as specified in The Gregg Reference Manual and or The Chicago Manual of Style. Spelling, word usage, and word breaks (hyphens) con­form to either the American Heritage Dictionary or The Webster Intercollegiate Diction­ary to give you that professionally finished document. All editing is done in Microsoft Word using Word’s tracking feature.


      I do editing, proofreading, writing, rewriting, and whatever is necessary to transform poorly written, incomplete, or confusing material into professional documents, preparing them for publication and/or web sites. I have experience and expertise in cleaning up documents and adding copy as needed for clarity and cohesion.

      I make sure that your written material makes sense; narra­tive is sequential; and information, sections, and chapters are relative, logical, and used in context. I also check syntax, semantics, idiomatic expressions, transitions, continuity of material, flow, punctua­tion, and grammar, making sure that the written material is well integrated and presented without omissions (leaving questions in the reader’s mind) or contradictions.