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At a very early age Grace realized that she had an awareness and perception of places, events, and conditions that others did not have (clairvoyance). She also discovered that at times, under certain conditions, extraordinary events occurred ... health conditions and/or difficult situations or relationships spontaneously cleared up or quickly resolved themselves without any apparent outside influences.
     Over the years, Grace continued to have a wide range of para­normal and spiritual experiences, and she began to seek reasons for this ... an understanding of how/why the "extraordinary" events occurred sometimes and not at other times.

Grace’s search led her to enroll in four years of formal study and a one-year internship in spiritual healing. As she studied, she began to find answers, and ways to make the "extraordinary" events occur at will rather than haphazardly.

Her studies included subjects such as philosophy, theology, metaphysics, quantum physics and its relationship to healing, spiritual healing, the relationship of prayer to healing, causes and effects to disease and healing, and other related topics.

Grace learned that Spiritual Healing is energy in action. It is not a magic cure-all nor the waving of a magic wand that makes everything all right. Rather, spiritual healing is a process and a system that works by using affirmative prayer and spiritual healing techniques and treatments that direct energy to promote healing and bring improvements to all types of unwanted conditions and situations. And she found that it works – always – IF AND WHEN the principles of Spiritual Law are correctly applied and practiced.

NOTE: Affirmations and spiritual healing treatments are not to be used as replacements for medical care. Instead, they should be used hand-in-hand as each has its own place in healing. Grace has found over the years that affirmations, spiritual healing treat­ments, and medical care, when used concurrently, complement each other and work hard to facilitate healing (more info).

Healings may be spontaneous (immediate), or evolve over a period of time. The majority of healings evolve because most of the time healing energy works to change unwanted conditions to desired outcomes within the dictates and confines of both Natural Law and Spiritual Law.

Grace began to apply the spiritual healing techniques she was learning to herself. She had long-standing physical conditions which the medical profession told her could never improve. As she worked with the tenets and  techniques she was learning through her studies and research, some of these conditions completely healed, and others drastically improved.

In addition to receiving many healings through the use of Spiritual Healing techniques, while doing her spiritual work and meditations, Grace began to receive spiritual insights and guidance from a Higher Power. Under this Higher Power’s direction and guidance, Grace wrote her book, Affirmation Healing, which explains how and why affirmations work, and how to make them work for you. Grace also introduces eight new, unique, very effective affirmation techniques for healing of the human body.  

Grace has tested these new affirmation healing techniques again and again and found that they are very effective healing tools. She explains in detail how to use them, and if you follow her step-by-step instructions, you too should be able to realize healings and improvements in your health.

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She has been in practice as a spiritual healer for 15 years and has realized many healings and improvements over the years, helping people and their pets to have a better, more healthful life. Grace is:
• A person of high spiritual consciousness.
• Trained in the science and skill of spiritual-energy healing.
• Intuitive, perceptive, discerning, understanding, supportive.
• Willing to listen to your problem and help in its healing.
• A certified spiritual healer.
• Experienced in the art of healing (see Affirmation Testimonials and Spiritual Healing Testimonials).
Affirmation Healing authored
by Grace
A Highway to Healing authored
by Grace

About Grace

Grace is a spiritual-energy healer, metaphysician (more info)
and author of spiritual healing books.