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Do You Suffer From Tiredness, Depression, and Apathy on Cloudy Days or the Shorter Days of Winter?

Do you feel tired and depressed, and can't seem to get going on cloudy, dark days and/or the shorter days of fall and winter? Do you find it hard to get up in the morning and frequently want to nap during the day? If your answer is yes to any of these questions, take heart in knowing that there are reasons for this, and there are things that you can do to combat these symptoms.

The lack of sunlight on cloudy/shorter days may be the culprit. Consider:

1) The action of sunlight on the body's skin enables the body to create Vitamin D which is needed to help the body perform and function properly. On cloudy days during the summer and the shorter days of fall and winter when there is less sunshine, the body may not be able to produce the amounts of Vitamin D it needs to function properly since sunshine is the catalyst to its production.

2) The action of daylight on the body causes it to produce a hormone called melatonin which is also needed to help it perform and function properly. During the shorter days of fall and winter, the decreased hours of sunshine (daylight) over a period of several months causes the body to produce less melatonin in some individuals which in turn causes them to feel tired and depressed much of the time, and suffer from lack of energy and apathy. They may require more hours of sleep during the shorter days of winter than during the longer days of summer.

Here are some things that you can do if cloudy or shorter days make you tired, depressed, and apathetic:

1) Suffer through the situation the best that you can and 1) wait for the cloudy days to pass and the sun shines again (not recommended), 2) wait for spring to come and bring an end to the shorter fall/winter days, (not recommended).

2) Take Vitamin D supplements and/or melatonin supplements as needed (check with your doctor first) to help maintain normal levels of each in your body. (Recommended.)

3) Get daylight spectrum lamps and use them several hours each day to help increase the amount of daylight in your living space. (Recommended.) The daylight spectrum lamps will help your body produce more melatonin which in turn will help you to feel less tired. The lamps will not help your body produce Vitamin D but they still are a good choice for they will make any room brighter and more cheerful. You don't have to do anything special in using the lamps - just turn them on for several hours each day when you are at home or at work, especially during the morning and evening when it's dark outside. Doing so will help to lengthen the amount of "daylight" your body receives.

NOTE: Daylight lamps are not the same as ordinary lamps or sun lamps. They have a different spectrum of lighting that brings the benefits of natural daylight into the room.

4) Use spiritual healing treatments, prayer, and God's Law of Adjustment to help maintain and adjust the Vitamin D and melatonin levels in your body. (Recommended.) Christian Scientists explain God's Law of Adjustment as being a Law of God that is applicable to every conceivable phase of human experience or need, so this would include the Vitamin D and melatonin deficiencies and associated symptoms of tiredness, depres-
sion, and apathy. Use your thinking and your words to tap into this Law knowing that if you do, God will apply the adjustments needed in your body to heal you from these deficiencies and the associated symptoms. Visualize the Law as working in you and for you, adjusting and altering your body processes and chemicals bringing them back to normalcy, and envision yourself as filled with energy instead of suffering from fatigue, weariness, depression, and apathy. NOTE: When God brings healing it can be through direct action on the body, or through some other means such as number two or number three above, or some other unforeseen way.

5) Adopt a positive attitude coupled with positive activity. (Recommended). The positive attitude will change your body chemistry in such a way that you will feel more energetic and less tired and depressed, and your positive activity will help you find and do the things that will help you feel better, such as numbers two, three, and four above.

6) A reminder: Always remember that whether the days are short or long, when things go wrong, there are always (yes, always) things that you can do to help yourself. A positive attitude coupled with positive physical activity and spiritual activity is always the best way through a problem to help you feel better and find healing.

In conclusion: During cloudy days or the winter time when the days are continuously short, realize that you don't have to be condemned to days or weeks of tiredness and suffering until either the sunshine reappears or the days grow longer. There are things that you can do to help yourself feel better, and you should go ahead and do them.


Over the years, the author of the above article, Grace Michael has found that no matter who you are or what situation you find yourself in, no matter how dire or how impossible it may seem to find a way out, you can ALWAYS realize help and improve-
ments when you couple together positive thinking with positive action, and spiritual work and prayer. To learn more about healing yourself, visit Grace's website at: http://www.affirmationhealing.com/

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