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Tips for Creating A Plan for Successful Healing

So you want to be healed? That is something we all want when illness strikes, whether it’s simply to get rid of a mild, transient ache or pain, or a serious chronic condition. So, how do you go about becoming healed? The best way to begin is to create a plan for healing which you can use as a guide for action. Then you will know what to do and when without any fumbling or being at a loss as to what you should do first, what you should do next, and so forth.

How to create a successful plan for healing:

1)  Decide what you will do to help yourself become well. Should you consult a doctor, spiritual healer, herbologist (someone who specializes in using herbs for healing), or should you try to heal yourself through the use of over-the-counter medications and herbs, and/or through self-administered spiritual healing treatments and/or prayer?

2)  Work your plan. After you have decided what means you will use to help yourself to become healed, work your plan. If it means consulting with the healing professional (doctor, spiritual healer, etc.) at scheduled times, do so. If it means taking medications, saying prayers, or doing spiritual work at scheduled times, do so. If you make a plan and don’t follow through with it and don’t become healed, it isn’t the plan that failed, it was the lack of action on your part that caused the plan to fail, thereby delaying or preventing your healing.

3)  Be objective about your progress. When working towards a healing, it is necessary to be objective about your progress. Do you see improvement? Are you feeling better? If the answer is yes, continue with your plan until you become healed. If the answer is no, stop what you are doing and create a new plan which may mean changing doctors, or changing what you are doing if you decided to try to heal yourself with over-the-counter medications, or changing your prayers or spiritual techniques if you are working with prayer to become healed.

4)  Be persistent, don’t give up. If you want to become healed and one plan doesn’t work, move on to a second plan, or a third plan, or more. Use as many plans as needed until you find one that works. There is always an answer to becoming healed.

     I read that Thomas Edison said “When you [think you] have exhausted all possibilities, remember this – you haven't."

     And, this has been my experience when it comes to healing. You haven’t exhausted all possibilities until you find the one that will heal you. If healing doesn’t come on a first try, or after a first visit to a doctor, or with a first round of prayers it doesn’t mean that you won’t or can’t be healed. It simply means that what you have tried didn’t work for you and didn’t bring you healing. Therefore, you need to be persistent. You need to try something else by creating another plan (or additional plans) for healing, until you find the one that works for you, bringing you the healing you are seeking.



Author Grace Michael is a practicing spiritual healer. She has realized many successful healings and health improvements for herself and others over the years by using the tips described above as healing tools. She has learned the value of creating plans for healing and being persistent in order to achieve healings. To learn more about healing, please visit Grace’s website at http://www.affirmationhealing.com/.

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